Course Reviews

by Rai Tremble

Stellar Spiritual Guidance
Queen Phillips gives it to you straight with compassion and love. Through direct teaching of staying disciplined and consistent one will develop a true and precise relationship with God in all his faucets. I appreciate the time and effort she has put into this well documented course. I will keep studying to reproof myself if ever I get weak and fall short of doing whats right. Thank you for such a tremendous spiritual blessing!



by Designation Nancy Schneider

This course is solidly based on the Word of God
If you are a brand new Christian or a struggling Christian, the principles outlined in this course and based on the Word of God will help get you on track (or back on track). The course will also serve to remind you of why you are a Believer and how important it is to pray and commune with God daily, exemplify Christ-like behavior, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all that you do and say. This course will help you stay grounded and continue your growth and maturity as a Christian.Thank you Queen for the time, prayerful thoughts, and energy that went into creating this course. It is exactly what I needed.


by Leona

In depth analysis of Prayer
Excellent course on prayer. I came away with more knowledge then before, and feel better equipped to dialogue with God.



by Jed Merrill

Knowing God
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (nickname Mormon) who as of July has three graduate degrees, I have long believed that the most important education that one can receive is that which enables us to know God and Jesus Christ who He has sent. THANK YOU for a beautiful course that does just that! I loved every word!


by Roberta Hayes

I’m glad someone is doing prayer on this format
The only problem I had with it is your audio … it was very low most of the time and would change from low to louder then the next video would be low again, etc.

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