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I don’t understand

For Christians, what matters most is learning to trust God regardless of whatever we face in this life even when we don’t like or understand it. Like me, you have probably thought I don’t understand what God is doing. Or

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Gains and losses

I have learned it’s so easy to focus more on our losses in the past that we lose sight of any spiritual gain in the future. I firmly believe that gains and losses are a necessary part of life. I

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It’s Time to Fight!

I absolutely enjoy reading the books of Nehemiah and Ezra.  They are filled with wisdom and revelation for Kingdom assignments, especially building projects.  Your assignment could be to construct places of worship, community centers, orphanages, faith-based foundations and organizations, homes or whatever

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Faith Addicts

Trying to please others is a way of life for some people. Unfortunately, they believe if they are accepted by others they will somehow be better, have better or do better.  In other words, they anticipate being rewarded by pleasing

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Reminders to Wait

What is it about us that we need constant reminders to wait in faith for the manifestation of God’s personal promises to us? However, what amazes me more is that He is faithful to remind me as often as needed. 

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Childhood memories

I have learned that sometimes childhood memories will help you to see that God’s hand has always been upon your life. This was actually revealed to me a few years ago while I was reflecting on my childhood. Although I

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Season of Hope!

The holiday season is the most depressing and stressful time of the year for many people.  Tragic news headlines offer very little hope.  An increase of deaths seems to occur at the end of the year.  So many families are

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Bold Confidence

  The book of Nahum is not a popular Old Testament book and the author is not one of the Major Prophets because the book is very short in length—only three (3) chapters. However, there is a powerful message that can

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More Laws?

More laws will not fix a heart condition! Although the times have changed since the bible days, the spirit of the culture in this generation is very much similar in the display of depraved behavior and lawlessness.  An unregenerate heart always acts out

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God is on your side

Oh, how I love the word of God.  I have put my hope in God’s word; therefore, it is my comfort in sorrow.  It is my strength in weakness.  It is my light in darkness. It is my song of

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