Prayer Principles


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Do you desire to improve your prayer life, but just cannot maintain consistency? Are you a new believer or convert to Christianity and need help on how to develop and maintain a consistent prayer life?

Good open communication can make the difference in the development of any relationship. If there is no communication, a disconnect is inevitable. 

The same is true with our relationship with the heavenly Father. For the Christian, prayer is a powerful privilege that keeps the lines of communication open between heaven and earth; it is the spiritual reality of a parent-child relationship that offers a sense of protection and provision even in the natural realm. 

Prayer Principles for Beginners is a resource to help you develop and maintain a consistent prayer life by providing the basics to get you started on the journey of a lifetime through prayer. 

By applying the basic principles and strategies outlined in this book you can start learning today how to develop your prayer life. 

Once you are in the family of God, your time spent communicating with your heavenly Father should be a pleasant and enjoyable time of intimate fellowship that results in spiritual growth and maturity.

The author outlines six (6) guiding principles to help you. She discusses five (5) of the most common types of prayer with samples prayers. Also included are:

The author writes from a heart that understands the importance of having a consistent prayer life in order to grow spiritually and maintain a victorious outlook on life even when faced with adversity. The most powerful aspect of your faith walk is staying connected to the Source through a life of prayer. It will be worth it!


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