Heart to Heart


Letters from Heart to Heart


Letters from Heart to Heart is the reality of a vision over thirty years ago born out of a passion for speaking into the lives of others using the power of the written word as well as the spoken word.  I believe that at whatever interval one might be in life, a well-timed word can make the difference.  It can bring healing and hope; if the words are negative and hurtful, they can cause psychological damage that persons may never get over.  They can enlighten and cause excitement.  They can inspire, motivate, or bring consolation or confirmation.  Whatever the need, an inspired word in season can penetrate the soul.

However, the question we each must answer is, what impact do I want my words to have on others, e.g., family, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners, and anyone I encounter?
Is it naïve of me to envision a time when expressions of love and appreciation dominate our spheres influence? 
I think not?  If I exchange my hope and vision for a cynical attitude I would forfeit my God-given right to inspire the soul and encourage the heart of all who need a well-timed words of comfort, appreciation, love, commendation, recommendation, and encouragement.

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