The Path to Promise


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THE PATH TO PROMISE: HOW TO MOVE FORWARD AFTER BROKENNESS is for men and women (ages 18 and up).  This book is filled with inspired wisdom, principles and spiritual insight from God’s perspective on how to move forward in pursuit of God-given purpose regardless of your painful, or even shameful past.

Are you being held captive by the painful relationships of your past?  Every time you think you’re in the right relationship it ends in betrayal and broken promises.

Are you afraid to trust again?Are you living with regret, guilt and shame?

Are you angry and bitter, unable to forgive?

Do you feel hopeless; ready to give up?

Do you think your life has no purpose or sense of direction?Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord?

If you answer, “Yes” to any of these questions and are ready to see the “rainbow” in your promising future, this is your time for change. It’s time to use your painful past as a bridge of hope to reach your fullest potential.  Everything you need to move forward is available to you; made possible through Jesus Christ. Learn how to access the promises:

  • Promise of God’s Presence
  • Promise of God’s Peace
  • Promise of God’s Power

The author explains a 4-step process to prepare you for moving forward. She starts from the “genesis” of creation to explain the origin of painful experiences.  Most importantly, from her own personal experience, she shows you that even your pain has purpose.  Her place of total trust and confidence in Jesus Christ has brought has positioned her to help others “walk out” their promise.

The Path to Promise teaches you how to move forward by trusting the only one who will never betray you or break his promises. This is your opportunity to live a purposeful life with the assurance of an expected end.

For personal coaching and consultation, a personal action plan to propel you forward in victorious living is included in the BOOK as well a JOURNAL as you read the book.

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