This JOY: The Spirit of Christmas

JoytotheWorldImagine for a moment a clear bright starry still night. Shepherds are watching over their flock.   Suddenly their space is invaded by the brilliance of blinding lights greater than that of a football field at night. A chilling fear freezes them like an ice sculpture. And then an angel reassures them, “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11 The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! 12 And you will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.”

The spirit of Christmas can be surmised in the message of comforting news heralded by the angel to the shepherds.  The angel’s presence was so profound it was frightening. The splendor and majestic ambiance had to have been breathtakingly terrifying.  Although the angel’s appearance was frightening the message was calming. It was good news sent forth to bring great joy to ALL people, not just for a season, but for an eternity.  This Joy can only be described as “great”.  There are no words in the English language to articulate its depth…it is the Joy powerful enough to resurrect the lifeless soul.  It is the Joy that emanates from the Life that has no beginning and no ending.  Nothing can compare to this Joy. This Joy will silence doubt, calm fears, and mend broken hearts.  This Joy is so overwhelming that tears flow without reason, and can only be explained as “joy unspeakable.”

The spirit of Christmas emanates Joy.  Christmastime reminds us of God’s Good News—“Joy to the world!”    The JOY God desires for us is NOT based on circumstances and situations, but on the Gift of Salvation to all mankind through His Son, Jesus the Christ—Savior of the world. I announce to you, the JOY OF CHRISTmas is Yeshua, (which means `ADONAI saves). May the Joy permeate your home and family this Christmas and throughout the coming year in 2015!


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A certified Christian counselor, writer, self-published author, committed to encouraging and inspiring others through the power of words, written and verbal.

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