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new-releases-christian-booksWe live in a hostile world. Our surroundings can pressure us to make decisions and choose paths that oppose God’s Word, but like the psalmist, no matter what challenges we face, we should always choose God’s way.

22 DaysThis devotional is a practical, simple and easy hands-on resource to draw us closer to God by meditating and praying in agreement with His Word for 22 days.  You can read it over and over or whenever you feel the need to focus on the goodness of God and the importance of having His written instructions for living.

In the compilation of this devotional, the author provides twenty-two (22) meditations and prayers that correspond with the eight (8) verses within each acrostic beginning with each Hebrew alphabet.
22-Days of Prayer & Meditations in Psalm 119 will:
*   Encourage you to believe, stand firmly, declare, and obey God’s Word as the “final authority” in every area of life.
*   Inspire and bring awareness to the need to submit to God’s instruction.
*   Manifest the transforming power of God’s Word through declaration and meditation.
*   Motivate you to seek God’s help by praying His Word and applying it to your daily life.

This devotional exalts the Excellency of God’s Word.

A certified Christian counselor, writer, self-published author, committed to encouraging and inspiring others through the power of words, written and verbal.

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