Childhood memories

Mother Holding Child's HandI have learned that sometimes childhood memories will help you to see that God’s hand has always been upon your life.

This was actually revealed to me a few years ago while I was reflecting on my childhood. Although I was the only child in my home, it was not a “picture perfect” setting as some perceived.  Adversity did not overlook us! I recall the small living quarters, mediocre living conditions and sleeping arrangements.  However, my outward appearance never portrayed the less-than-perfect nor a less fortunate attitude.  I was always groomed to perfection.  I don’t ever recall lacking or wanting for anything! 

For the first time, I realized that God had always seen to it that all my needs were met. I was not always aware of where the resources and provisions came from, or who the kind-hearted and generous persons were.  But now I know that the true Source was my heavenly Father taking care of me.  Yes, it may sound selfish saying, “taking care of me.”  The truth of the matter is, even in my childhood, He was grooming me to be a witness for His glory and to give testimony to His faithfulness.  I am thankful that He placed people in my life to see to it that whatever I needed would be provided.  Even now, as His daughter, I am convinced more than ever, that not only are my needs met, but even the desires of my heart are also granted. The Lord God is faithful!

Sometimes, we have a tendency to recall our childhood memories with disgust and negativity. Although we may remember the bad, but from the “bad” God has a way of bringing out the “good.”  (Romans 8:28).

What can your childhood memories give testimony to about God’s faithfulness?


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