Better not Worse in 2014

HappyNewYearThe celebration of Jesus’ birth has come and gone.  For many, myself included, the reason for the celebration was cause for great joy –joy of giving and receiving; sharing and singing praises, expressions of love and acts of kindness.  It was the season that reminded us of the remarkable moment in history over 2000 years ago that God’s plan for better manifested when His Son Jesus came in the likeness of humanity wrapped in the dust of earth through the womb a young virgin uncontaminated by sin.

No doubt, Luke 2:10-11, was read many times in sermons, places of worship and reenactments of the Nativity (“The angel said, “Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord,”

Family gatherings and meals are over; many have returned to their homes far and near after saying their farewells to the  year.  Now what? What happens in 2014?

What happens when anticipation of better dissipates and leaves some feeling worse instead at start of the New Year?

What happens when thoughts of worse circumstances and situations outweigh positive thoughts of better for 2014?

What happens when the better tomorrow and the hope for a better life vanishes like the sunset?

What happens when you don’t feel better because the pain of your past failures in 2013 and previous years stare back at you in the mirror and voices in your head screams, “Nothing has changed; you are not any better only worse, and you will never have better!”

How can I write so poignantly about better?  I know those feelings. I had those thoughts. I heard those voices too. What did I do? I fought those feelings. I redirected those thoughts.  I sought for better and most importantly, I believed in better.  I said it until I saw it unfolding when I looked in the mirror. I said it so loudly until the negative voices of fear and doubt were silenced by the Word of Promise. Better eventually manifested in my life when I began believing what I read and acting on what I believed.  In essence, living by faith demands better– a better attitude and  a better outlook on life in general.

Now that it’s a New Year, I began by commanding “better!” I am better.  I have better. I do better.  My whole life is better because I received God’s Promise—Christ in me the hope of glory, which assures me of better not worse. Therefore, regardless of how bad things look or how awful I feel, I will always expect better not worse.  I walk by faith not by sight.

It was because of their faith that God was pleased with them. But they did not receive what God had promised. God had planned something better for us. –Hebrews 11:39-40


Happy New Year!

Expect better not worse in 2014!

A certified Christian counselor, writer, self-published author, committed to encouraging and inspiring others through the power of words, written and verbal.

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