My confession

 I confess, this is a difficult post for me!  No, it does not contain explicit or obscene content! But, please read it anyway.  Thank you very much.

Although I have a home on the Internet, I am a very private person. Why? It was instilled in me from as far back as I can recall—the beginning of my adolescence.  I am a writer being transformed, and driven by purpose with a passion to use the power of words and truth to inspire others.  Now that I have matured, I understand  that transparency can work for the good if the purpose is to help others.  Of course,  help should not be at the expense of condemnation to esteem and gratify self. God forbid!

You have probably heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I haven’t gone to Las Vegas, but this similar saying was programmed into my brain, “What happens in this house stays in this house!  Don’t tell anyone our business because it’s none of their business.” And when my law-abiding grandmother said it repeatedly, her authoritative tone left no doubt in my mind she meant just that. You betcha! I listened and kept my mouth shut about all the drama and dysfunctional behavior that went on in that little country house I called home until my grandmother transitioned to her heavenly home. I was 15-years old when “ real hope” came alive for my mother and me. I loved my grandmother dearly; she was a highly esteemed woman of God in our small town and neighborhood.

And believe it or not, I taught my children the same thing—“What happens in this house stays in this house!”  Why? Simply because that’s what I was taught.  This is how generational behaviors are learned; whether right or wrong, good or bad. (Subject for another post).

What’s my point?   My personal knowledge about truth has changed my life.   I’m thinking differently. Consequently, I’m seeing life differently.  I don’t mind sharing openly now that I am free from that old mindset that kept me emotionally imprisoned.   That may have been appropriate for that generation, but that was then and this is now.  Am I saying be a “tell-all”?  Of course not.  I’ll use purposeful discretion with biblical application. My desire is to apply Scripture in my everyday life to deal with the realities of life, which can seem unbearable. In essence, I must use the Word of God to show me the truth and deal with it even if it hurts me! I cannot afford to pretend; life is too short and eternity is forever.  Personally, I believe there’s a heaven and hell. The truth? Hell is not for me from what I’ve read!

It was Jesus who said knowing the truth makes you free, and that truth is only realized by being faithful (obedient) to His teachings (John 8:31-32).  This is what changed my perspective and open my understanding to the reality that we are connected for purpose and to help not hurt one another.  There is already enough “hurting” in this world. So, if I can share openly for the purpose of encouraging, empowering, educating and enlightening others, I will take advantage of my freedom. My prayer is that you will also give the truth a chance through my experiences while embracing your own truth.

Since my domain name is personal, I figure why not blog about personal beliefs, life experiences—tragedies and triumphs, innermost thoughts,  biblical insight and application as I travel on this Christian journey.  Just maybe you and I can engage to make a positive impact and help someone else traveling along life’s pathway.

So there. I confessed! This my first personal post.  Now that you know I am was a very private person, hopefully, you will sign up to receive updates and enjoy reading about a liberated, transparent and transformed writer with a “not-so-wonderful” past.  That past was painful along the way, but now that I am on the path to promise  by being in relationship with Jesus Christ makes it all worth it.

Until my next post….Be real! Be free in Christ!

Transformed writer,

A certified Christian counselor, writer, self-published author, committed to encouraging and inspiring others through the power of words, written and verbal.

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