More Laws?



More laws will not fix a heart condition!

Although the times have changed since the bible days, the spirit of the culture in this generation is very much similar in the display of depraved behavior and lawlessness.

 An unregenerate heart always acts out in lawlessness regardless of a generation or its culture.  Biblical history is a stark reminder that something more powerful than rules and laws are needed to change people from the inside out. (Ref. Jeremiah 17:9, 31:33)

Surely you’ve noticed the depraved mindsets that result in an unprecedented increase in inhumane acts of violence, heinous crimes, and unnatural behaviors.  Like me, you’ve probably seen and heard the horror stories in the news and posed the question: How can this senselessness be happening in our “supposedly” civilized society.  For example, the physical and sexual abuse of innocent infants and children, whether by parents, relatives or strangers. Yet, it has happened before and there were laws that forbade it. The lawlessness happening in our society is too extensive to list here, of which we have laws already in place to prohibit criminal activity.

God’s written law was useful back then and is just as useful now in our generation. But as the history of people in the Bible days proved, it didn’t have the power to transform people from the inside.  Something more was needed. God would have to change people from the inside out — putting His law into their hearts through the Holy Spirit, which would result in a “new” heart, spiritually.

In essence, the depraved behavior we’re seeing and hearing about in our society today is a serious matter of the heart!  When hearts are changed by the transforming power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, the evil thoughts that gives birth to evil actions will decrease.

The truth is, the government can add 1,000 more laws, in addition to the Ten Commandments, which are still being ignored today and nothing will change man’s behavior until his heart is changed.  However, man has to desire a “spiritual heart transplant” so that his behavior is a reflection of the light of Christ shining in his heart. This is what the Father desires.  He already made provision for it. He promised it from the beginning–when Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves in the Garden of Eden after they sinned (disobeyed God’s command), not only did He promise it, He provided the Solution –the Plan of Salvation, made possible and available to everyone who will believe and receive, by faith, Jesus Christ into their heart.

More laws won’t fix a heart condition! Praying for spiritual heart transplants and the transformation of minds and lives.

Will you join me?

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